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Detox Your Daily Shower

Eliminate Most of Your Daily Exposure to Potentially Harmful Chemicals


Did you know that we absorb chemicals through our skin? Pharmaceutical companies have used trans-dermal patches for delivery of medications for many years.

So what about those chemicals that may be lurking in your shower? (Not to mention all the chemicals hiding in your personal care products). While your Municipal water supply is tested to guarantee there is no risk to the public’s health, they often times use harsh chemicals to “kill” off any biological pathogens. See Scorecard.org to learn more about your local water supply and other environmental issues.

It is those chemicals that can dry out skin and even cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. A large percentage of our personal care products also have harmful chemicals added to them.

MicroJet Shower

The solutions are SIMPLE as changing your shower head and reading the labels to avoid potentially harmful additives.

Discover the difference these small changes can make for your family’s skin health.