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Bottled Water vs. Sports Bottle

Many of us have done it in our lifetime and many do it everyday … purchase bottled water. Either as a choice for hydration or just as a perceived convenient way to get water on the go.

But is it really the best choice?

When it comes to the planet or our financial bottom line, the answer is a resounding NO! We encourage you to explore your options. Become a part of the solution for the planet and save yourself money along the way — a Win-Win solution for everyone.

Check out some of the statistics below to inform your choices.
Are there really 24,000 Chemicals in Bottled Water?

The truth is, that unless you have each bottle tested, you cannot really know what exactly is in that bottle.  And it certainly may NOT be the pure water promised on the label. Nikken utilizes third-party testing to verify the highest standards for quality and then makes that quality of water available to you.


ANSI/NSF Standards – Filtration Test Results  

Particulates (clarity, sediment): exceeds standard


Chlorine reduction: exceeds standard


Chloramine reduction: exceeds standard


Taste and odor reduction: exceeds standard


Lead reduction: exceeds standard  


VOCs: exceeds standard


MTBE: exceeds standard

Environmental Impact

Each Nikken PiMag Sport Bottle filter replaces a large number of empty disposable bottles.  If you were to stack up the number of disposable bottles not used by utilizing the Sports Bottle,  the stack would be over 1450 feet (the height of the Sears Tower in Chicago).  This was in the first year alone. This figure is based on just one PiMag filter cartridge.
Each filter replacement equals 800 bottles of water.

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