4 ‘Can’t Miss’ Takeaways for Your Busy Life!

Lil Miss BusyMar 24, 2015

I remember reading ‘Little Miss Busy’ to my kids years ago…and yes, there is a ‘Little Mr. Busy’ as well! Check out this article with great, easy-to-use points for creating more wellbeing in your Miss/Mr Busy life from Sana Keller of Healthy Lifestyle Coaching:

“Wow, my life is so crazy-busy and high-stress right now–I really need to make sure that I take good care of my health”…said Hardly Anyone Ever…(sadly).
Yet, if we stop and think about that statement, it makes perfect sense, right? And honestly, we all have times in our lives when we find ourselves incredibly busy and over-scheduled, that’s just how life rolls at times. Yet, ignoring our health during these times can lead to major health challenges and illness–GOOD HEALTH DOESN’T JUST HAPPEN. (Kind of like your vehicle-which won’t continue to run well over time if you never change the oil or do any other maintenance work on it).

Here You Go: 4 Simple Takeaways To Help SURVIVE Your Busy Life:

Takeaway #1: When checking your daily schedule makes you wonder if you’ll even have time to for a bathroom pit stop, STOP-CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TAKE TWO SLOW DEEP BREATHS and remind yourself that your health is TOO IMPORTANT to ignore,especially when you’re crazy busy. Deep breathing is also a great de-stressor-Feel free to do this multiple times a day!

stress6Takeaway #2: Avoid mindless eating of less-than-healthy foods, Stock up on FRESH VEGGIES AND FRUIT, RAW WALNUTS AND ALMONDS and keep them front-and-center in your fridge and on your counter. Pack a few small containers or bags with them to grab on your way out the door-and make it a point to replenish your stock of healthy foods regularly.

Takeaway #3: Help keep your immune system strong by making 7-8 hours of sleep most nights TOP PRIORITY, preferably with at least 1-2 hours before midnight.

Takeaway #4: Avoid the realization of yet another week that has flown by without any exercise, Take 5 Minutes on Sunday to SCHEDULE YOUR EXERCISE TIME FOR THE UPCOMING WEEK on your smart phone or paper calendar-at least 3 times for at least 30 minutes.

Quiz Time: What are your 4 Takeaways? Deep breathing-Veggies, Fruits & Nuts-Sleep-Exercise. Boom!”

You can do it-Yes, it’s THAT important!

Sana Keller, PhD, RN, CNC
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, programs to fit your busy lifestyle.