Diversity Makes a Healthy Society



A healthy society gets instructed through diversity. When it’s unhealthy, you can see what causes it–people who get so structured by their upbringing that other possibilities aren’t in their horizons. When we are not flexible, informed by diversity and differences, then we are never going to be the pioneers we are capable of, and leave a legacy that generations that follow will be inspired by. White America is disappearing and it is time to understand the many colors that we co-exist with who will be part of the decision making process in our country.

That said, I live in an area that could be called white bread America. Burlington, Vermont has very little diversity in terms of race. I have always been fascinated looking at other cultures because I didn’t have to deal with the downside of race relations and strife. I wasn’t stretched and stressed like people from other areas. I come from and have a different filter that I use when I look at diversity. I have never had to deal with the harsh reality of it.

Here’s another form of diversity. Why do we enjoy eating foods that come from non-traditional eating habits? Why do we love going to a Japanese restaurant when we weren’t raised on Japanese food? Why do we love drinking Turkish coffee when we’re in New York City? Why is this important to us? What is it about that experience that creates a sense of adventure, and experimentation? One of the things I love about living in the U.S. is that sometimes just a plane, train, or car ride away you feel like you are going from one culture to another. I can go to dinner in Montreal, speak another language, be exposed to traditional Quebecois cooking, and understand the differences that foreign cultures make.

FB_20141028_11_38_54_Saved_PictureMy husband and I often have the need to feel like we are out of the country. Maybe we travel to the French Quarter in New Orleans, or Chinatown in New York City. And I think before you can move forward, you have to honor your past. This is certainly how I got to be where I am today.This is my Now: my healthy family, healthy mind, healthy finances, and healthy society. These are the inspirations that keep me wanting to grow. Mind, family, and society are the inspiration.