Healthy Body

slide3Some of us are born blessed with incredible DNA. Some of us have health issues from birth. How we define a healthy body is a unique continuum and is effected by our own baseline and needs. From birth we need to spend time outdoors in nature and MOVE! I mention this because today the climate in the home with two working parents and at work with the “Information Age” professions does not allow for balance. In many cases effort has to be consciously given to create it. For example… choosing to bike to your sedentary job or school.

Research has shown that the most important predicator to longevity is sleep. Quality sleep cannot be drug induced. There is an epidemic in our culture of individuals with sleep issues. Recent articles say that 60% of Americans have problems getting quality sleep.

It is important to eat right for a healthy body. The fast pace of our lives has spawned two Trillion Dollar Industries: The fast food industry which directly or indirectly led to the next trillion dollar industry, the pharmaceutical industry. Combined they have changed the way we think about food and health and have led to an epidemic of obesity in this country that shows no sign of abating.

The rising cost of healthcare as well as a noted decrease in individualized attention when you do see your doctor, has created a lack of faith in the system on one end of the spectrum. On the other end you have an over utilization on quick fix medications, the “Magic Pill” that keep adding up and create a high risk of “bad effects” called side effects! In fact I have read and been told that the 3rd largest cause of death in the U.S. is now drugs given correctly and taken correctly.

“Do You Need Energy?!” Our lifestyle can create much “dis”ease in our body which, if not dealt with, can and will grow into disease.