Healthy Family

familyIf we have energy and have a sense of hope and purpose, these qualities enable us to be fully present for our family. Family can be our family of origin. It can be the family we create as an adult and it can be our relationships that we choose as core. Family can also be a professional and spiritual community. No matter how we define family, we humans are driven to create them.

A healthy family or relationship is one that offers us MORE than we could be alone. It offers us LEGACY. It offers support and a place to get and receive advice. As a new grandmother I understand that we are given this family as a continual workshop to look at what we bring to the world. We get feedback and a way to share our wisdom garnered from past lessons so that those that follow can use us as a model to springboard their inner genius.

Family can also be a place of stress and concern. If we are dealing with family trauma it can affect our body, our mind and our actions. It can be an opportunity or a place for staying stuck in a role that may not be in alignment with what we say is our purpose and mission. It can be the ultimate test of our resolve and commitment to balance in the 5 Pillars.

The emotion and stress of being with my mother when she had an aneurism while travelling in a foreign country ultimately led to a thyroid condition. That condition totally affected my energy and attitude until it was diagnosed and treated. The interplay of the 5 pillars is continual. Our job is to more aware and manage it affectively. What does HEALTHY FAMILY look like to you?