Healthy Mind

healthymindThere is a symbiotic affect between all the pillars. That is why examining the balance is a great way to look at your health. If you are hurting in your body, lacking sleep, no energy, your mind and how you think and feel will be affected.

You can also be pain free and have lots of “doing energy” but have created so much stress in the way you handle life issues, family issues, financial issues that your body begins to break down and show signs of low energy, fatigue and eventually illness.

My mother lost her youngest child when he was 31. She was an extremely optimistic, loving and fun person. When Michael became sick and died within 6 months of his diagnosis, my mother’s life changed. A person of faith, she became angry with God. Every morning she would wake her usual optimistic, energetic self and then would remember Michael. She cried every day for a year. It took 10 years off her life. She was a person with very healthy blood pressure that was put on medication for raised blood pressure from the emotional strain. Even though she lived to be 89 and died on a trip to Costa Rica, she died from a brain aneurism that I am sure stemmed from that year long pain and strain. That is a great analogy describing how the pillars are interconnected. In this story the family pillar caused stress that affected the mind and then had a debilitating effect on the body. My mother’s faith returned but she did have a crisis in her spiritual core.

The culture of “Human’s Being More” a self actualizing seminar that is an integral part of the Nikken Wellness Business, seeks to remove blocks we may hold in our path to success. We determine our mission and purpose in life and let go of old anger affecting our energy. This starts a hunger for personal growth that is part of a healthy mind and encourages seeking positive role models to surround ourselves with to protect it. It breeds an environment of hope.