Healthy Society

parisHillary Clinton uses the phrase “it takes a village”. In the 5 Pillars we get to focus on our contribution to a worthy cause as well as global impact. It can be as simple as rescuing an abandoned dog or cat, volunteering to mentor a young adult or being a role model of what it means to walk lightly in the world.

I have a friend that has grown an international leadership forum for young people around the globe from her home in Vermont. The organization is UN sanctioned and at 70 years old, keeps her young and on purpose. I have another friend that drives an elderly, shut-in 91 year old lady to buy groceries every time she herself goes. In order to contribute to creating a healthy society we need to be healthy ourselves but this larger then self contribution helps us to stay on track with that goal.

My desire is to create on the land that my husband and I own in Costa Rica, a shelter for animals wandering the streets that need neutering and care. I envision building cabinas to house Veterinarians and their families that come to vacation but earn their keep volunteering a few hours a day for that purpose.

What way would you like to choose to make a difference? The rewards far exceed the time and effort in maintaining the 5 Pillars.