Renovation or Other Home Improvement? Take Easy Steps to Healthy Homes

Expansions and updates to our homes can be very exciting projects, as well as challenging. One of the biggest challenges today is how to take on home improvement in a healthy way. Since we spend much of our lives in our homes and they are also our sanctuary were we relax, recharge and spend time with loved ones, it’s very important to know what exactly goes in them.

What do you need to think about and look out for? How much can that new carpet REALLY effect you and your family? What are your options?

As a trusted partner of Healthy Child Healthy World for three years and counting, Nikken is proud to be expanding its partnership with the nonprofit organization to promote our shared goal of Wellness Homes everywhere.

Now, we’re excited introduce the Easy Steps to Healthy Home Improvement campaign. This educational campaign is designed to raise awareness, educate, and provide the tools to help parents and families everywhere establish healthy solutions for their homes, including how to improve water and indoor air quality.


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And let us know what you think.