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Surviving Allergy Season – How to Treat Allergies Naturally

Surviving Allergy Season
“It’s going to be the worst ever.” Allergy sufferers hear that comment every year. However, according to experts on the Today show, conditions actually are ripe for a brutal allergy season in 2015.

A warm fall coupled with a wet and cold winter often causes trees and flowers to produce more pollen.  A higher pollen count means more allergy symptoms for the millions of Americans that suffer each year.  The key to surviving this spring is preparing early.

Here are the four keys to improving your seasonal allergy symptoms naturally:

  • Balance your immune System
  • Leave it outside
  • Wash it off
  • Clean the air


Balance Your Immune System

It is not that there is pollen in the air; it is your body’s reaction to the pollen. A weak or over-active immune system can greatly impact exactly how your body reacts.

A weak immune system can lead to potential sinus infections. An over-active system can make you feel like your symptoms will never end.

Our Immunity Pack (US) and Reinforcement Pack (CN) are designed to do just that — balance your immune system.


Leave It Outside

A myriad of allergens can be redistributed indoors from our shoes and clothing. Simply removing your shoes and any extra outer clothing can greatly reduce this type of contamination.





Rinse It Off

A quick rinse with the MicroJet Shower System can eliminate the allergens that are on your skin and trapped in your hair. This is especially important before going to bed, so you don’t contaminate your bedding with extra allergens.



Clean the Air
In addition to Mother Nature’s behavior this season, our homes/offices/autos may be contributing to a long list of things that affect our breathing, decreasing our ability to enjoy the beauty of the season.


It is possible to create a “clean-room” level of air quality — the same quality of air found in operating rooms and the high tech industry. Discover the Air Wellness difference.