This Moment in Time

familyLet’s talk about balance again. I believe that we are never totally in balance, but are enriched as much when we are out of balance as we are in balance. Here’s an example: When I was a body builder at age 51, I felt the best in my life. I had the most amount of energy. I ate well, nothing jiggled when I moved. I ate perfectly, but there was no balance. My life was all about a healthy body. Everyone recognized my body and I got recognition.

But then I wanted to contribute more financially to the family, and I had to go away from the perfectly fit body. You see, at some point, you become narcissistic and everything’s about you. At 51 I knew I had accomplished what I wanted to do. But I have not had another thing that I’ve capsulized as well as that. I am in search of that. You will see lots of pictures here on my site because I’m a visual person and an artist originally.

The video shows a path. At 68 I am still on the path. I am a seeker. There is something out there that I need to bite into.