What I’m Loving

What I’m Loving, my youtube.com video, shows a visual representation of the five pillars of health. It also shows everything that I love: a woman’s journey–my journey–through her life and up to present day. The focus is on the move forward to a healthy and fulfilling life.

What else does the video show? The people, the things, the healthy body, and healthy mind? It shows balance. As a Libran woman, it’s an important, ever present topic to me, and you will be hearing a lot about it in this blog. The video is also something I created to show my journey of where I am at this point in my life. The filter I used in making the video is about how balance creates not only a healthy life, but a fulfilling life. I will offer my experiences and thoughts on diversity, too.

But for now, balance. It showed up very early in my life, and it showed up very early in my consciousness as a child. I look back at my family, a traditional French Canadian household with two parents and five children. I was, of course, a female by product of that household.I loved everything my mother had as a woman, and never have I wanted to give up anything as a woman. I’ve never wanted to give up, but I have wanted and did merge parts of my feminine side with characteristics that are considered masculine. My mother would have loved that.

The interesting thing is that I knew this separation in the sexes at 5 years of age. I had an awareness of watching my parents’ two lives. I knew the one I wanted to cuddle with, and knew which one was out in the world with his freedom and accolades. My mother didn’t have that freedom. She had five children to raise and a household to run. She sewed our clothes and the corsets for Roy’s Orthopedic, the family business. She worked with my father during the day, then would come home, make an amazing dinner and do our homework with us.

She would sew the corsets until two in the morning, and then start all over the next day. She ran the household, supported the business, and my father got all the recognition. It had a big effect on me emotionally. I saw no balance in this arrangement. But I am very fortunate that the times have changed and the views of women working outside of the home, of running a business, is no longer an anomaly. The question remains, though–is there any more more balance in today’s society?